Six Surprising ways Aluminium-free Deodorant Can Affect Your Health in a Good Way

Six Surprising ways Aluminium-free Deodorant Can Affect Your Health in a Good Way

Personal hygiene is something that everyone will be concerned about at some point in time especially when the body undergoes serious changes like puberty. It’s the time where everyone starts to learn about good hygiene practices that will last forever. The major part of such personal hygiene gives a wide space for the use of deodorant which usually associates with body odor.

The use of deodorants increases day by day and usually makes one comfortable or will give freshes to them for a better daily routine. Almost everyone’s morning routine includes applying deodorant. But the major problem lies in the question of which deodorant should one choose? Natural aluminum-free deodorant or aluminum-based deodorant?

The answer to the question of whether to use aluminum-free deodorant or aluminum-based deodorant is not so simple as the usage of both affects the skin and health of humans. It can be found by understanding the pros and cons of both sections and choosing a better one. Just look at the ingredients on the stick of your deodorant, what does it say? Antiperspirant? It’s a normal antiperspirant deodorant that never deodorizes the odor of sweat but prevents you from sweating altogether!

What if we prevent sweating? We have many sweat glands and not sweating in hot summers is not natural. Sweating is a major body function that helps you to lower the body’s temperature and push out toxins from your body. So using non-aluminum-free deodorants is risky and not healthy for your body.

Why Aluminium-free deodorant?

Many aluminum-based deodorants use compounds like aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium which affect sweat production. Researchers found the compounds can cause serious health conditions. Here is the importance of Aluminum-Free Deodorant which affects our health in a good and healthy way.

Aluminum-free deodorants are always a better and healthy option to choose from. The immediate switching from aluminum-based deodorant to aluminum-free deodorant may not be so easy, but choosing an aluminum-free deodorant to protect you from many diseases improves your body and is a healthier decision.

1) Formulates the balance of healthy bacteria

The antiperspirant disrupts the natural biome with chemicals and toxic materials while aluminum-free deodorant helps to maintain the balance of natural bacteria and co-exist peacefully. This helps your skin and body to stay healthy and smell fresh. The ingredients like charcoal which is included in the formulation of aluminum-free deodorant makes your skin feeling drier and longer.

2) Better and fresh odor

The use of ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, charcoal, etc is essential for the manufacturing of aluminum-free deodorant. It allows or diminishes the odor of natural sweat. Uncleansed pores lead to acne and dermatological problems. Aluminum, when used in deodorant, reacts with water in sweat and forms a physical plug which blocks the sweat glands thus pushing out the unhealthy smell of angry and aggressive bacteria.

3) Avoids the risk of breast cancer

Aluminum has a genotoxic profile that causes DNA alteration and has epigenetic effects; this becoming the main role in breast cancer. The studies show that aluminum-based deodorant plays a major part in developing breast cancer, as it is the local area of application. Using aluminum-free deodorant will surely help you to get rid of these serious issues as the deodorant uses much healthier ingredients in its production.

4) Get rid of Alzheimer’s

Keith Fargo – the director of scientific programs, once explained that “During the 1960s and 1970s aluminum was identified as a possible suspect in Alzheimer’s, a degenerative brain disease”.The everyday usage of aluminum contained objects exaggerates the risk to some extent. The deodorant which contains aluminum has direct application to the body and surely becomes a factor of aluminum content that may affect our health. Aluminum-free deodorant never causes such problems. As long as the aluminum is not a content of natural deodorant there is never a risk of Alzheimer’s

5) Healthier approach to kidney patients

Usage of aluminum can affect kidney patients in a harmful way. The reason is that their kidneys are not able to remove aluminum and it starts to accumulate and the condition moves to amnesia. So opting up for aluminum-free deodorant never causes such risks. They are so free and never trap us in a condition as antiperspirants do.

6) Relief from irritation and allergy

Antiperspirants can be considered the most common source of cosmetic allergies. When applied you may experience itchiness, bumpiness, flakiness, peeling, etc, etc. And the main reason is the formulation of an antiperspirant which contains aluminum. But when it comes to aluminum-free deodorant it’s quite convenient that it never causes any allergies or difficulties upon application. Good changes always make good humans. So switching from a traditional antiperspirant to natural aluminum-free deodorant is always appreciable. It always relieves allergies, cancers, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, unpleasant odors, etc.

Enjoy healthy skin with aluminum-free deodorant.

How Does CBD Affect Your Body and Mind?

How Does CBD Affect Your Body and Mind?

CBD or Cannabidiol has been extensively covered in the media for its various therapeutic benefits for humans and pets alike. CBD oil-infused products are slowing, making way into the mainstream market with several users vouching for its tremendous benefits. But, is CBD worth its hype? Learn more about the impact of this compound on your body and mind and how it delivers its touted benefits.

Firstly, CBD does not come from marijuana plants. For the uninitiated, CBD is a natural compound derived from the plant family of Cannabis Sativa, which has been traditionally used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Such details can be obtained by visiting websites like

This plant consists of Phytocannabinoids, namely, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis plants with generations of selective breeding produce common strains of hemp and marijuana. While marijuana plants contain relatively high THC levels, which gives it a high psychoactive property, hemp contains greater CBD concentrations and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%).

The Science Behind the Effect of CBD 

The endocannabinoid system is an integral signaling pathway responsible for stress, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. Our bodies naturally synthesize cannabinoids, and it has two specific receptors known as CB1 and CB2.

CBD optimizes the performance of CB1 and CB2 receptors and triggers a slow release of certain neurotransmitters from the central nervous system that can impart calming or relaxing feelings without causing psychoactive feelings of high.

The CB1 receptor is found in the human brain and is responsible for thinking, mood, and memory functions. They work by triggering the serotonin receptors, commonly known as the ‘happy hormone’ and is also a precursor for the stress hormone known as Cortisol. The CB2 receptors are found in the immune system and are known to affect inflammation and pain. It works by interrupting the transmission of signals that tell us when we are in pain.

Together, these physiological and psychological effects of CBD make it a promising ingredient that offers several clinical benefits. CBD is a prime component of a drug used to treat epilepsy called Epidiolex, where it is present in large concentrations. Besides, CBD is also commonly used to address anxiety and insomnia.

CBD and the Brain 

One of the primary ways CBD affects the brain is that it enhances an individual’s mood and, therefore, positively affects your mental health. Moreover, CBD also can reduce cognitive decline and improves memory. It can be used as a supplementary treatment option for neurodegenerative disorders of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

CBD helps to combat inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain and is, therefore, able to produce better outcomes for victims who suffer from stroke as a result of the inflammatory response.

CBD – Wellness for Mind and Body 

Our endocannabinoid system is described as a literal bridge between body and mind. With the right approach and method for each individual, the right use of CBD can strengthen this bridge and invoke a sense of balance. CBD can be used in tandem with good nutrition, mental and physical practices for an all-round effect.

Ultimately, you can improve the synergy between mind and body, resulting in increased attention span, a tranquil feeling, and a heightened state of wellbeing. To know more about the effect of CBD, visit