Men’s Hair Product Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Men’s Hair Product Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Long gone are the days when the only hair product guys used was gel from the grocery store.

Today’s beauty market is full of great items designed for different purposes so that any guy can style his hair to look the best.

It can get a little overwhelming though to look at seemingly endless choices of pomades, sprays and creams and know what to pick!

Here’s a helpful men’s hair product guide with everything you need to know.

Key Features

The four things to look for when assessing hair products are shine, mate, hold and malleability.

Shine means how much the product reflects light and makes your hair look wet and, well, shiny. Matte is the opposite – this type of product absorbs light, and it seems like you’re not wearing anything.

The product’s hold determines how long and how strong will it hold your hair in place. You can choose different levels of hold, e.g. a lower level might not keep your hair intact all day, but it will look more natural.

Lastly, malleability determines how much you can restyle your hair after using the product.


Gels may have started as the rock-hard product a few decades ago, but today they’re much more versatile and of higher quality.

Gel’s a strong product that leaves a light shine and allows to restyle hair during the day by simply wetting your hands. It will hold your hair shape well and usually have medium to a high shine.


With a medium hold and medium to a high shine, wax has become one of the most popular men’s hairstyling product.

It’s very malleable, which means you can easily restyle your hair during the day, it also gives the hair a little more natural look than gel and works really well for both curly and straight hair.


If you’re looking for a firm hold and some extra texture for your hair, clay may be the best product for you.

Made from, well, clay, it adds thickness and makes your hair look fuller. It also absorbs very well and is great for guys with longer, curly or frizzy hair.

The downside of clay is that it’s not that easy to restyle, so you might need a few times to practice and get the look right. Clay also is excellent to maintain hair’s health as it doesn’t dry it out.


Hair paste is a versatile product that any guy should have in this bathroom. It’s thick and has a medium hold and medium shine. Since it’s a water-based product, it’s easy to wash out, and it’s also malleable allowing it easier to restyle whenever you feel like it.

You know that “just got out of bed” look that’s still somehow really attractive? Use hair paste to achieve it – paste adds texture, volume and doesn’t stick.


Your grandpa probably used pomade back in his day and truly – it’s the best product for that cool, slick retro look!

Think 50s vibes with stiff denim and if you need some fashionable crew necks to complete the look just visit You can order crew necks tees online in total comfort.

Pomade offers a strong hold and works well with any hair, even curly and hard-to-manage types.

You might notice oil-based and water-based pomades at the shops. If you have the choice – pick a water-based one as they’re easier to wash off and are more flexible to restyle. Oil-based pomades are usually cheaper, but they can damage your hair and clap, and give that too-oily look.


According to, creams are the way to go if you want to add a natural shine and control to your hair.

They are perfect for hair that needs extra moisture, and they help control thick, curly and long hair without giving that wax or gel stiffness.

Hair cream doesn’t give any hold, so it’s great for natural looks, but if you need to be 100% put together, you might want to opt for another product.


No, it’s not just for the ladies! Hairspray is perfect for adding those finishing touches after using paste, cream or pomade as it locks the hairstyle and extends its shelf life!

You also might want to try using it on its own, and if your hair is lighter it might be just enough!

What Happens If You Don’t Shampoo Your Hair?

What Happens If You Don’t Shampoo Your Hair?

People always have their lazy days. They are tired of getting out of bed, taking a bath, and going outside the house. If you are not in the mood for warm baths or hot showers, it’s okay. Skipping shower time won’t harm you at the start, but doing so might trigger hair care problems.

Why do people need to wash their hair with hair growth shampoo every day, and what will happen if you don’t? Discover what shampooing does for your hair and what happens when you take hair washing for granted.

Hair Growth Benefits of Shampooing: What Shampooing Does for Your Hair

The daily use of shampoo is crucial in maintaining your hair and scalp’s hygiene. Oil glands underneath your scalp produce sebum to provide moisture and luster for your locks. Shampoo products also have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can eliminate microbial and fungal growth on your pate. Many hair growth shampoos are also infused with plant-derived scents, thereby leaving your hair fresh and fragrant.

So what happens when you suddenly stop washing your hair?  Learn more about its hair growth repercussions.

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Hair with Shampoo?

Here are some of the things that will most likely happen if you don’t regularly rinse your hair with shampoo.

  1. Your hair becomes greasy.

Always remember that shampoo products are primarily made as cleansing agents; they remove the excess grease and gunk on your hair and scalp. If you don’t wash your hair thoroughly, the natural oils remain stagnant on your head, making your strands extra oily as new sebum is produced. However, overwashing can also trigger too much production of sebum, resulting in greasy locks.

  1. Bacterial and fungal growth can trigger scalp problems.

Sweat and oil are very attractive to microbes and fungi. Thus, skipping shampooing can cause scalp-related issues, with dandruff as the most common problem. The itchy feeling resulting from dandruff can push you to scratch your scalp, which can irritate your skin and your hair follicles. They can get exacerbated, which may result in hair growth problems.

  1. Your hair smells disgusting.

Nobody wants their hair to smell awful. Unfortunately, stopping yourself from using shampoos during bath time is not the best idea if you don’t want to ruin your hygiene. Oil and grime build-up on your scalp can trap moisture, thereby attracting microbes that release a very foul odor. Having thicker tresses makes it hard to cleanse your scalp thoroughly, leaving residue and triggering these scalp issues.

  1. It can reset your hair condition.

Unfortunately, shampooing does also have a drawback. It can strip off even your scalp’s natural oils, leaving your hair dry and course. So, for those suffering from dry hair, having a break from your favorite shampoo is one great alternative. It allows your scalp to reset its sebum production, thereby restoring and improving your hair’s quality. However, prolonging your break from shampoos also permits unwanted perpetrators like germs and fungi to dwell on your scalp and wreak havoc on hair growth.

Use a Safe and Non-Drying Shampoo for Your Growing Locks.

If you think that your hair needs a pause from all hair growth products you’re applying on your hair, it’s acceptable. However, one must remember the importance of washing your hair regularly to avoid hair growth problems. Cleansing your hair is also essential in observing proper hygiene, but you must also be wary of the products that you use for your locks. The best thing you can do is use a non-drying shampoo to get the cleaning job done without dehydrating your locks. Don’t forget to choose shampoo products free from harmful chemicals and fragrances to avoid getting your hair into trouble.