Marketing Tips to Attract New Clients to your Beauty Business

Marketing Tips to Attract New Clients to your Beauty Business

The beauty and cosmetic industry has been growing exponentially in the past half-decade. As of 2018, the global beauty and personal care industry was valued at billions of dollars, and this number has been growing exponentially in the past two years. Beauty brands and businesses are now facing a unique challenge, not just in the e-commerce industry, but with the evolution of consumer behavior in the wake of mobile devices and other technological advancements that characterize the 21st century.

The good news is that the digital world is taking the beauty industry to a more connected level. Today, it is easier than ever to connect with your target how old is globally through channels, platforms, and content. If you want to drive more sales, here have effective tips to help you attract and retain new clients to your beauty business.

Leverage the power of video marketing

Many studies have shown that video is increasingly becoming a popular trend for beauty brands and marketers. Using high-quality video editing tools like Spiel, you can successfully create highly engaging videos that resonate with your target audience.

According to professional digital marketers, a well-thought-out video marketing strategy can help beauty brands and businesses achieve their success goals. Online video is an excellent medium to attract more customers in the beauty and personal care industry. No matter the size of your business, you can still use videos to attract and retain clients.

Consumers need information, and this is your chance to use video to explicitly explain why your products are better than those of your competitors. In addition to promoting your products, it’s equally important to share actionable information and insights that address you are target consumers’ concerns and questions.

Build brand advocacy

One of the top ways to beauty brand advocacy is to create a community. Beauty and cosmetic companies can leverage the inner desire of the young generation to connect with brands, share their brand message with others, and become an integral part of the brand they resonate with. This is the main reason beauty brands must invest in creating communities of fans and their customers through social media and online forums.

It is critical that you find your beauty brand voice and focus on delivering your brand promise. Inspire your current clients to share their feedback, beauty tips, and inspirations within the community of created. You can also share special promotions and collaborate with other beauty experts to help consumers solve dear beauty-related challenges.

Keep in mind that your primary goal is to attract clients and strengthen their connection to your brand by creating lasting relationships. When done correctly, building brand advocacy can help your beauty business attract new clients and retain them.

The power of effective content marketing

Many studies have shown that content marketing is an effective strategy when it comes to promoting your brand. It’s all about creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract and keep your target audience engaged. This strategy should be inscribed in your beauty Brand’s DNA. There are many ways of creating and sharing engaging, valuable, and insightful content. Some examples include;

Create highly engaging tutorials to teach your target consumers how they can successfully set up a skincare routine or even prepare home spa treatments. You can also create a newsletter subscriber list and send out valuable and engaging content to your current customers and potential ones. This is an effective way to keep them engaged and thinking about your brand. You can also send regular special promotions in case you’re offering any discounts.

Another effective strategy is to go live the broadcast your brand message in real-time on Facebook and other social media channels. Studies have shown that highly engaging videos are an easy way to boost organic reach without spending money on ads. Such less costly marketing strategies can help you maximize profits.

You can also provide expert guidance on various beauty challenges that people experience. An effective way of doing so is to interview experts from the natural beauty industry. Try to reach out to beauty influencers and bloggers to interview them and share that content with your target audience.

Find new clients through social listening.

You probably have heard about the social listening concept. It is the practice of monitoring your beauty brand online by following and analyzing online conversations where your brand is mentioned, its competitors, or products. It IS recommended to acquire reliable social listening software that can help you keep track of every time your brand is mentioned or any conversation about your services.

To get started, choose specific keywords that are relevant to your services, product, or brand—for example, skincare routine, your brand name, best cosmetics, and more. The tool will help you aggregate nearly all online threats and dimensions. This data can help you start new conversations with potential clients. When done right, social listening can drive sales and engagements.

Collaborate with reputable spas and hotels

Get more creative and roll out a holistic approach to cosmetics by partnering with other brands and tangential industries such as fashion, spas, and hotel companies. Such partnerships can help build credibility and trust and also open up you need distribution channels for your business. For example, partnering with a hotel open to business to a unique type of target clients. It increases referrals and other avenues where you can connect with new clients.


The beauty and cosmetic industry are highly competitive. By just owning a business with excellent products in this industry is enough. It’s important to work hard to create brand awareness and tell your brand story to your target audience.

Keep in mind that different aspects of video marketing strategy complement each other to deliver the desired results. For example, having great content for explainer videos and tutorials can help amplify the ROI for both content and video marketing. If you’re new to digital marketing, you may want to consult with an expert.

5 Best Tips to be Super Productive this ‘Work from Home’ season

5 Best Tips to be Super Productive this ‘Work from Home’ season

The 2020 pandemic disrupted everything, from individuals to communities to the governments, and definitely did have a huge impact on the economy. While some people lost their jobs, some are stuck in a job they hate and some have started their own venture.

But the one thing that’s definitely changed for all of us is how we work. ‘Work from Home’, which originally started as a flexible policy and was considered a luxury, is now the only way out! While some of us are making the most of it and are happy for not having to step out of the house all day; the others are worried about the absence of work-life balance. But whichever be the case, it is really important to make the most of it.

So here are 5 best tips to be super productive this ‘Work from Home’ season:

A routine helps

Just because you don’t have to travel to go to the office, doesn’t mean you don’t need a routine. Wake up on time, get ready, get dressed and then start working. You might be working from home, but having a routine will give you a sense of working out of the office and hence, will boost productivity. 

Designate a workplace

It might be a difficult thing to do, but it will definitely help a lot. Choose a place in your house which is away from noise and distractions. If possible, choose a place which is closer to plants and a window, so you feel refreshed all day.

Breaks are important

Take appropriate breaks in between work to keep yourself motivated and refreshed. Take walks in your breaks to keep your body relaxed. Hydrate yourself every hour to keep your body healthy and ensuring proper digestion.

Care for yourself

While you immerse yourself in work, don’t forget to take care of your own body. Take frequent breaks, eat healthy and nutritious food, engage in physical exercise every day. Spend time with your family and use this period to make your bonds stronger.

Follow your passion

If you were you planning to quit your job right before the COVID-19 outbreak and are now stuck in a job you don’t like, it’s the right time to work that out! But how? With the crashing economy, rarely any businesses are hiring for new roles, right?

That’s not true. While the pandemic definitely has changed the world drastically, businesses aren’t shutting down. They’re just moving online. And if you’re looking to get a job you really like, this might be the best time to look for one! This is how you can do it:

  1. Research and find out what is it that you want to do.
  2. Upskill yourself to meet the current market demands.
  3. Build an impressive resume.
  4. Learn as much as you can!

If you are looking to build a perfect resume but don’t know how to, Resume Points is just the right place for you to learn all about writing resumes and cover letters.

Surely this a tough time for all of us. But this is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let’s make the best of it!