Beauty & Technology — Innovative Products Worth Trying

The average woman will spend a shocking $15,000 on beauty products over the course of her lifetime, according to Money magazine. And, with more innovative beauty products being released each year, it’s hard to resist trying one or two out. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season or you simply want to shake up your daily beauty routine by trying something new yourself, here are three innovative products that incorporate technology in unique and beneficial ways.

Less damaging heat tools

Hair dryers and other heat tools are a convenient way to get ready quickly in the morning, but they are notorious for damaging and drying out your hair. However, products that use porcelain ceramic technology might just offer a solution to that problem. All while being easier on your hair, porcelain ceramic heat tools protect your locks by preventing damage — not to mention, they bring a sleek look and prevent dreaded that frizz as well.

Products that use this technology can be found among heat tools such as hair straighteners or flat irons  — for example, HSI Professional offers a line of flat irons that feature HeatBalance technology (which helps to evenly distribute heat) in addition to ceramic tourmaline-infused plates. However, when it comes to hair dryers, the BaBylissPRO hair dryer uses porcelain ceramic, and also features ways to further enhance the user experience. With six speed and heat settings — as well as a cold button and nozzle for concentrated blowing action, you can easily customize your experience to your individual preferences. As such, products like this are great for those who want to get ready quickly, thus making them a great holiday gift idea for young women who are always on the go.

LED skincare

When it comes to skincare, light or LED therapy is taking things to a whole other level. Essentially, this innovative technology works by utilizing light in (and beyond) the visible spectrum in order to penetrate the skin — the light is then absorbed, and each color stimulates a different response in the skin. This can prove to be helpful to the skin in a number of different ways, including treating acne, as well as helping in the anti-aging department (such as by minimizing wrinkles). While treatments are available in the form of office procedures, there are also innovative at-home LED light therapy face masks too, allowing for options in terms of trying it out. While light therapy is generally considered to be safe as there is no use of UV rays, it’s always a good idea to consult with your dermatologist first in order to determine whether LED therapy is right for you.

The beauty industry is constantly breaking the mold when it comes to introducing new and innovative products, but when beauty combines with technology, the benefits and possibilities are endless. From less damaging heat products like hair dryers to LED skincare, there are several products worth looking into.