How apply eye makeup – Types of Eyeliner

To define eyes, eyeliner is the best product for the same. Makeup look is never completed with a perfect eyeliner stroke. Eyeliner has the capability to enhance your makeup styling and make your look dramatic while providing you with a stunning face. Applying makeup isn’t really tough but applying it right is surely especially when it comes to eyeliners. Also, as the fashion is evolving, so does makeup looks are and eyeliner is one such product that could be experimented in infinite ways. Eyeliner is available in 3 forms which is Pencil eyeliner, Liquid eyeliner and Gel eyeliner and in this article, we will be discussing about How apply eye makeup – how to apply pencil and liquid eye liners flawlessly. Take a look below;

Applying Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eye liners are best for achieving natural or a smudged look easily. For nice subtle look, you can just apply one single stroke and for dramatic smoky eye makeup, you can smudge the eyeliner in a specific direction for a tidy outcome. Do not forget to sharpen your pencil before every application for a significant look and also the temperature of the pencil is really important to not. For a darker and pigmented look, turn on your hair dryer and blow it around the pencil and for a soft, natural application, place the eye liner in freezer for 5-10 minutes and then apply it. Before applying, hold on to the outer corner of the eyelid and then begin with the inner corner and then go across. For a natural look, apply liner between the spaces of eyelashes and the upper lid and then end up with lining your lower lash line.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid liners are tough thing to deal with but is definitely worth it. Before applying the eyeliner, its necessary to shake off the eyeliner bottle to ensure that it is well mixed. Once done shaking, you can start with in the middle and then move towards the outer edge of the lash line. You can then fill in the gaps and for a winged look, you can go for the outer corner of the lower lash line. If a mistake is made while applying the eye liner, dab a cotton in an liquid oil and use the tip of to wipe away the excess liner easily.

Hope, now you know how to achieve a flawless look by applying the eyeliner flawless. To know more about beauty products, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

How put lipstick?

Lipstick is one of the most common items without which it gives you an incomplete appearance. If it’s a big day or an average day, lipstick is the best product. The use of this single product will change your whole appearance of beauty. All you have to do is choose the best hue to make sure it is properly added. Not all of you are flawless in the application of a lipstick, so we can learn about how lipstick is put in this essay. Take a look at How put lipstick

Stage 1: Prepare your lips

Nobody would like to go around dried and chapped lips, I’m sure, so keep your lips wet even though you’re not inclined to use lipsticks. And if you all use the lipstick, hydrate your lips to a safe and smooth nutritional lip using a premium quality lip balm.

Phase 2: Foundation

Stressed with discolor or liptone uneven? It is really critical that your lipstick sticks to a flawless look basis. Choose a shade concealer that is well matched to your lip color and dab it evenly with a smooth brush over your mouth. Apply compactly to the foundation of the concealer. It will also lengthen the lip colour.

Phase 3: Use a lipstick liner

Lip liner is the perfect way both to describe and to reshape the lipstick and to keep the lipstick from being tormented. Build an x-form under the bow of the greedy one which will make the greedy bow conspicuous and draw your lips.

Phase 4: Lipstick use

Choose the colour, use a lipstick brush and start rubbing the shade equally around your lips. The internal corners need not be overlooked, so that the lipstick is applied to the painted lips. For dry lips, discourage the use of matt lipsticks because it threatens to dry up the lips.

Phase 5: Description add-on

Using a tiny concealer brush to operate on the edges of your lips, which will if necessary fix your lips. You should even apply a lip polish to your lips for a brilliant finish.

Phase 6: Use your finger to fill up the second layer of patchy areas. To see how the color really appears, check your lips. When you have spots that are patchy, swipe your finger clean over the end of the stick and rub the paint over the region that is patchy. Repeat to fill your lips as required

Generally, it’s easier not to spread on your lips more than 1 layer, so the lipstick will look cakey and dropped. Create shades slowly instead by dabbing with your finger on additional lipstick if necessary.

Phase 7:

Blot the tissue between the lips to prevent waste. Excess. Fold a clean tissue in half and fill it with the fold that faces your mouth between your cheeks. Press the tissue to release the lips together.

Hope now your question on how put lipstick has been answered. The above-mentioned article would help you flaunt your lips beautifully. To know more about make and makeup products, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.